How Do You Use A Pregnancy Pillow? Corvette Mom

How Do You Use A Pregnancy Pillow? Corvette Mom

Pregnancy is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of discomfort for the expecting mother. Luckily, there are many products designed to help a pregnant woman. One of the key factors to a healthy pregnancy is the proper amount of sleep. Pregnancy pillows can be a big assist in securing sleep.

Finding the Right Pillowpregnant corvette woman

The first step in using a pregnancy pillow is finding the right one. Pillows are made with varied purposes in mind. If you are buying a pillow to help you sleep when pregnant, make sure that you find one suited to your particular needs. Where do you have pain when you try to sleep? Is it shoulder or back pain? If you are having pain in a localized area, a small wedge pillow could be right for you. If you are experiencing all over body aches or discomfort, a large sleeping pillow that curves to your body could be a good choice.

Another important factor to look for when buying a pregnancy pillow is the quality of it. A well-made pillow has the firmness evenly spread out. It doesn’t lump or gathers awkwardly. Also, higher quality pillows come with removable, washable covers to keep them clean, see these pregnancy pillow reviews.

Using the Pregnancy Pillow

Once you find the right pillow, you can begin to learn to use it. Most pillows are designed to help you get comfortable on your side, so place the pillow in different positions to see where it helps the most. It may take a few days of experimentation to see how the pillow can help you the most. Some places to try are underneath your stomach, which can help support muscles sore in pregnancy. Also, pillows can be inserted between your legs to help ease back pain

Pregnancy pillows are an excellent product to help women with pregnancy discomfort. They are reasonably prices and can be found at almost any outlet or retailer. Once you discover the benefits of these pillows, you won’t go to sleep without them!


Corvette C5 0-60

Known for its impressive bodywork and high speeds, the American Corvette C5, manufactured by Chevrolet from 1997 through to 2004, is capable of beating the 0-60 mph times of even the most notorious sports cars, including the Ferrari 355 and the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage. Still one of the most desirable vehicles in its class, the C5 boasts a stylish convertible design and plenty of performance.

C5 Design Features

Unlike the C4, the Corvette C5 had a hydroformed box frame which was able to offer a better structural platform that was best suited to its convertible design. The transmission was also relocated, having been moved to the back of the car in order to form a rear mounted and integrated transaxle assembly that as connected with a torque tube to the brand new LS1 engine. This allow a 50:50 weight distribution for better handling. Initially, the engine was able to produce 345 hp, however this was eventually increased by 2001 to 350 hp.

C5 Coupe

During its first year, only a fastback coupe was offered and in 1998, the convertible (being the first from this manufacturer since 1962 to have a trunk) was introduced. Named as the Motor Trend Car of the Year in the same year, the C5 was made the pace car in the Indianapolis 500 race in both 2002 and 2004. 1999 saw the hardtop or fixed roof design come to the market with a trunk and shape not dissimilar to the convertible model.

Over the years, the primary differences to the vehicle were of the cosmetic variety, with changes in colors and wheel styles, however there were a few boosts in horsepower as well as varied optional equipment offerings. Two such high tech upgrade options were the HUD and the Active Handling System while the Corvette C 5 was also the first Corvette to adopt the modern tandem wiper configuration.Corvette c5

As a lightweight vehicle, the C5 boasts relatively high EPA ratings and thus avoids the tax that is levied upon the other gas guzzler vehicles within the same class. This is another reason why this car has such impressive 0-60 speeds of just 4.5 seconds for both the convertible and coupe models.